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Get Ready


For a while, I have thought about starting a blog where I could utilize my analytical skills and knowledge within the fields of African and Religious Studies. Since I got a university degree in both, there is a good chance I actually know something, also from a more nuanced point of view.

I know, as a white European man, I do represent negative attributes, and as a white man, I make myself vulnerable to criticism, valid as less valid criticism. Nonetheless, I have interacted with Africans from across the continent, read books and studied this continent. I know a lot, and there is, even more, I don’t know, and I hope you as a reader will provide constructive criticism, if you believe a post is wrong, or if there is something I have misunderstood.

If you find Africa and religion interesting, please stick around. From next week, I will start to post articles on a weekly basis.

I will pick a subject, and if you have a question, please, feel free to ask, and I will see what I can do. I might cover it the following week.

The first topic next week will be to analyse Africa through Fela Kuti’s Suffering and Smiling, or more boringly phrased Afro-pessimism versus Afro-optimism.

I am selecting this subject since it is a cliche, but has to be included. Like talking about tequila, we have to talk about lemons. So next week, I will guide you through these two schools of thought, and how they both screw your perception of Africa.

All the best, and I hope you will enjoy following me, and I hope, I will learn from my viewers through constructive criticism.

–  Mathias Søgaard


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