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Africans We’ve Lost in 2016


I got annoyed when I watched Channel 4 News’ enlisting the ones we have lost in 2016. The people honored all deserved to be remembered. But not a single African made the list. Not even Papa Wemba or the Senegalese sculptor Ousmane Sow. That is not okay!

This is an explorative list of Africans we have lost in 2016. Feel free to add more names to the list. Write the names and why in the section below.


March 13, Ghana, Samuel Kwadwo Buabeng aka Bob Okala, comedian. Collapsed shortly before meant to go on stage during a carnival (1957-2016)

March 28, Nigeria, Dr. Tunji Braithwaite. A human rights activists, politician, and lawyer. A critic of the Nigerian 1999 constitution saying it encourages corruption by granting immunity to presidents and governors (1934-2016)

April 15, Gambia, Ebrima Solo Sandeng. politician and leader of the opposition  tortured and beaten to death by Gambian authorities (19??-2016)

April 24, DR. Congo, Jules Shungu Wembadio Pene Kikumba aka Papa Wemba. Musician. He died suddenly while performing on stage (1949-2016)

May 24, Nigeria, Senator Martin Offia Nwali, and first black person to obtain Ph.D. in Computer and Analytical Studies from Harvard University (1943-2016)

June 29, Nigeria, Chief Ojo Maduekwe. Former Foreign Minister during the Yar-Adua administration 2007-2010, and Minister of Culture and Tourism during the Obasanjo-Administration 2001-2003. Known for his pro-stance on biking (1945-2016)

July 29, Ghana,  Daasebre Gyamenah aka Ahoofe. Musician (1979-2016)

Aug. 1, Ghana, George Brigars Williams . Actor (1929-2016)

Aug. 7, Sierra Leone, Gibril Santigie Moseray Fadika aka Super. Flagbearer for the current party in power and one of the richest persons in Sierre Leone was suddenly found dead (19??-2016)

Aug 14, Tanzania, Aboud Jumbe Mwinyi. Second president of Zanzibar, vice-chairman of the government party CCM, and much more (1920-2016)

Aug. 30, Liberia, Mamadee Diakite. Journalist and talk show host. Best known for hosting the radio show, the Truth Breakfast Show (1974-2016)

Sept. 18, South Africa,  Mduduzi Tshabalala, aka Mandoza. Musician died after rushed to hospital undergoing treatment for brain tumor (1978-2016)

Sept. 19, South Africa, Allister Haddon Sparks. Journalist, writer and commentator. Editor of The Rand Daily Mail. Actively involved in uncovering the horrifying deaths occurred during the apartheid regime and on the transition from apartheid (1933-2016)

Oct. Gambia, Fatim Jawara, one of Gambia’s most prominent goalkeepers on the national team confirmed drowned when trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe (1997-2016)

Oct. 3, Rwanda, Jean de Dieu Mucyo. Senator and former minister. Best known for his inquiry into the involvement of France in the 1994 genocide (1961-2016)

Oct. 17, Rwanda, King Kigeli V or Jean-Baptiste Ndahindurwa. The last king of Rwanda who fled the country in 1961 (1936-2016)

Nov. 4, Kenya, Owiso Odera. Actor. He died suddenly while performing on stage (1973-2016)

Dec 1, Senegal, Ousmane Sow. Sculptor and first black person to have been elected a membership as a foreign associate member of the Académie des Beaux-Arts of the Institut de France (1935-2016)

Dec 25, Kenya, John Keen, politician during the Moi-administration (1926-2016)


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