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Information on Africa You Can’t Live Without

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Are you a major African geek? You are at the right place


How many African states have won a Nobel Prize?
What is the name of the head of state in Gabon?
When did Malawi gain independence?
Whom was the first president of Mali?
What is the date for the next election in Liberia?
Has a Nigerian president ever won the Mo Ibrahim Prize?
Whom is José Mário Vaz?
Who will take over when José dos Santos steps down as President of Angola?
What African country used to be a Spanish colony?

Curious? Get to know the answers to all of these questions above and much, much more.
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Last updated: Nov 19, 2017
New President in Zimbabwe and an election held in Kenya, and we are still waiting for what happens in Liberia. Still waiting for Somaliland.

Fine print: the situation in Africa is constantly changing, meaning this document is frequently updated to make sure it is always up to date. If something is missing, something mentioned is incorrect, or you want a special copy with specific information not included in this document (laws on sexual minorities, size of population, corruption etc) let me know.


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